Terms & Conditions

All payments are subject to these Terms and Conditions of payment.

Thanks for using pay.willbarkoff.dev! This service provides a secure method of paying me, William Barkoff. Payments are processed by my payment provider, Stripe, and are subject to their terms and regulations.

By paying me, you are agreeing that you will not recieve any sort of compensation unless aggreed to in writing beforehand. Email, text message, and written documents count! Payments are processed over HTTPS using TLS 1.3, the same form of encryption that most financial institutions use. You can check to make sure that your connection to this site is secure by ensuring that there is some sort of lock icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Note that some browsers may differ in how they show this lock.

Your payment information is never transmitted to my server or stored! Payments go directly to Stripe. How this works, is when you enter the payment amount, a request is sent to my server for a "Payment Intent." This payment intent contains information about the payment, such as who it should go to (me!) and how much it should be for (the amount you specified). It is created using a secret key, that only Stripe and I have, so that others can't create intents and pretend to be me. When you enter your payment information and click the pay button, your information is sent directly to Stripe along with the payment intent. Stripe decodes the payment intent and uses it to charge your credit card.

sequenceDiagram participant browser as Your browser participant server as My server participant stripe as Stripe browser->>server: Amount to pay server->>browser: Payment Intent browser->>stripe: Payment Intent and Credit Card info stripe->>browser: Payment success!

If you choose to cover the payment processing fees, your price will be increased according to the formula: $$P_{final} = \frac{P_{initial} + F_{fixed}}{1 - F_{percent}}$$ where $P_{final}$ final price, $P_{initial}$ is the initial amount, $F_{fixed}$ is the fixed fee that stripe charges ($0.30$), and $F_{percent}$ is the percent fee that stripe charges ($0.029$). You can learn more about Stripe's fee structure at their website.